Οθόνη Αφής ICS 15 15" USB

Οθόνη Αφής ICS 150 III 15" LED ICS

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Σε Απόθεμα

• 15'' Touch Monitor TFT LCD panel με στιβαρή μεταλλική βάση
• USB Interface with adapter and plug
• Resolution 1024 x 768 VGA, SVGA, XGA

 LCD Panel Type

 15.1 TFT LCD panel
 Resolution  1024x768 


 Display mode  VGA, SVGA, XGA
 Contrast  400: 1 
 Bightness  30OCD / m2
 Response Time  8MS
 Viewing Angle   left/right  +80°~-80° or +60°~-60°
 Viewing Angle   up/down  +80°~-80° or +55°~-65°
 Enter message  RGB analog 0.7V p-p
 Signal Connector  15-hole mini D-Block
 Front Panel control buttons

 Power control switch, LED indicator, OSO menu,
+/ adjustment button, screen automatically set,  OSO choose

 OSD Adjustment

 Contrast, brightness, auto adjust, image-bit   quasi, phase,Horizontal position, vertical position, enter message,Computer VGA

Power Transformer

 AC:100-240V~1.8A 50-60Hz
 DC: 12V/2.5A
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